Accounting tax advice

Advisory and management services for companies
and individuals.


Labour consultancy

We offer a comprehensive range of services in the field of
Personnel Administration and continuous advice.


Legal audit

We offer expert auditing service for all procedures and requirements


Legal services

Family law, urban leases, labour law, commercial law,
civil law, banking law


Partner advisors and auditors

Since 1978, offering companies and professionals the best in consultancy.
We are based in Madrid and Barcelona.

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BILANX is an independent company of professional services specialised in the economic and legal aspects of advice and support to companies. Since it was founded in 1978, we have been providing companies with a wide range of integrated advisory and business management services. Our staff is mostly of lawyers, economists and auditors, specialised in the different aspects and areas of law and economics.

The company

Bilanx S.A.

«A wide range of options, for the best advice and company management consultancy»


Transparency and a strict code of conduct

First and foremost, we are people, who work together in synergy and act in a transparent way; we like to work in clear and concise manner, always complying with the codes of ethics of our profession – and we strive to show it to our clientele.


We like to establish long-term relationships: they allow us to acquire a greater knowledge and depth of the subjects – and the clients – we deal with on a daily basis.

Continuous development and training

Our commitment to the ongoing training of the professionals in our team is essential to always offer a guarantee of quality in an environment such as the legal one, constantly changing and evolving.

Innovation, technology and method

We can’t help it: we love new technologies and trying to adapt them to our work methodology. And now thanks to the many tools and methods available, our services are even more streamlined.

Our method

Our 40 years of history have taught us to work effortlessly while always being dynamic and effective.

Our history

  1. 1978

    BILANX is the result of the merger of 3 professional bureaus, initially offering tax, accounting and labour consultancy services.

  2. 1986

    The legal advisory services are incorporated into the company as a permanent offer.

  3. 1988

    Upon the approval of the new Law on account auditing, this discipline is incorporated as a permanent service.

  4. 2002

    Our Director, after a long career as a member of the Governing Board, is appointed Dean of the College of Mercantile and Business Graduates of Barcelona – a position he will then hold until the year 2010.

  5. 2011

    Opening of our headquarters in Madrid.

  6. 2016

    The Association of Economists of Catalonia awards the firm as Best Professional Office of the Year in Catalonia.

  7. 2018

    Celebrating our 40th Anniversary

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