Labour law consultancy

Legal services

  • Labour advice to companies and their employees.
  • Registration of companies and workers in the general regime of the
  • National Insurance (social security) and special regimes (artists, seafarers,…)
  • Advice, study, preparation and legalisation of all types of employment contracts, with special attention to bonuses and subsidies.
  • Valuation of results, through payroll analysis and statistical summaries.
  • Preparation of the T&Cs.
  • Quick set up to register as a freelancer, to take leave/withdraw from work, to modify the working status before the NI via RED.
  • Processing of IT and accidents before the NI institute and mutual entities of work accidents.
  • Frames for workers in different regimes.
  • Working agreements.
  • Prevention of occupational risks.
  • Continuous labour audits.

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Payrolls and Social Security activity

Preparation of payrolls and TC Liquidations to the social security institute.

IRPF tax retention

Preparation of periodic withholding tax returns.


Preparation of certificates of income and withholdings of workers for personal income tax purposes. Preparation of the annual sworn declarations of the family accounts for the purpose of calculating income tax deductions.

Workers’ registrations and withdrawals

Preparation and processing of the registrations and withdrawals of workers online.


Preparation and processing of employment contracts and their relevant extensions and visas.

Severance packages

Dismissals and any other unforeseeable situations. Labour disputes before the Social Security Court.


Labour inspections before the relevant Authority in charge

CMAC and Labour Court

Judicial conciliations (CMAC) before the relevant body for dismissals and miscellaneous claims.

Labour risk

Evaluation of Labour risks.