Legal services

Legal services

  • General civil law
  • Real estate law
  • Family Law
  • Commercial Law

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General civil law

Civil law is the law that governs the private ties that people establish between them.

  • Obligations and contracts
  • Rights in rem
  • Quantity claims

Real estate law

Real estate law is a specific area of the law mainly regulating real estate transactions. It is a fast-growing field, arising from the increasing relevance of the real estate market along with the various situations originating between the parties involved.

  • Deposit and purchase option contracts
  • Contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate, promotion and
  • construction contracts
  • Mortgage and registry charges
  • Declarations of new builds, segregation and grouping of properties
  • Leasing and eviction contracts
  • Claims for construction defects and ten-year liability
  • Claims for hidden defects in the purchase and sale of real estate.

Family law

Family law regulates the personal and property ownership of the members of a family between one another and towards any third parties involved. Such relationships originate from marriage and kinship.

  • Separations and divorces, unmarried couples
  • Executions of sentences
  • Marriage settlements
  • Wills
  • Acceptance and manifestation of inheritance.

Commercial law

Commercial law is the set of rules relating to traders and sellers in the exercise of their profession, acts of commerce legally qualified as such and any legal relations arising from the execution of these contracts; in broad terms, this branch of the law regulates the exercise of a trade.

  • Sale and purchase of companies and assets (Term sheet, Legal due
  • diligence).
  • Partnership agreements
  • Participating loans
  • Collaboration, distribution, agency, bond and other commercial contracts
  • Corporate structural amendments
  • Attendance in meetings and drafting of minutes
  • Corporate transformations
  • Mergers and spin-offs
  • Family protocol