Fiscal, tax and accounting advice

Tax consultancy in Barcelona

Fiscal, tax and accounting advice


  • Ongoing or one-off tax advice
  • Tax management
  • Taxation of consolidated groups
  • Tax proceedings
  • Tax due diligence
  • Taxation of family businesses
  • Taxation of corporate restructuring operations
  • International taxation
  • Swap transactions and transfer prices

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Ongoing or one-off tax advice

We offer this service to companies, individuals, tax consolidation groups or non-profit subjects alike. Study and proposal of the most convenient tax alternatives for your business, with the aim of reducing the tax burden, within the legal frameworks.

Tax management

Preparation and processing of periodic tax returns (VAT, Companies, Personal Income Tax, Payments on account, etc.)
Specific support for the SII (Immediate Information System).
Bookkeeping and/or supervision of the accounting for companies and individuals.

Taxation of consolidated groups

Especially in the VAT framework and for limited companies.

Tax Procedures

Inspection, collection and management.

Tax due diligence

Mainly dedicated to the processes of purchase and sale of companies or business units.

Taxation for family-run businesses

Definition of the required structures to ensure a successful generational changeover. Planning of successions and donations from family-run businesses.

Taxation of corporate restructuring operations.

Mergers, spin-offs, transfer of assets, etc.

International taxation

Investments, non-resident persons and entities, double taxation agreements.

Swap transactions and Transfer pricing